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Austin Augustus - Business Development

Austin Augustus


Business Development and Community Events


  • Education :
    • Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management through the Price College of Business at The University of Oklahoma.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Economics from The University of Oklahoma. 
  • Specializations: Business building and projections, idea generation, opportunity evaluation, planning.

Personal Philosophy:

My potential is limitless, and I choose where to spend my energy

Why Sober Lifestyle/Industry:

Sobriety has changed my life. It has allowed me to be the best version of myself and to live out my dreams. Being a part of a sober community played a huge role in my ability to stay sober and thrive in that lifestyle. I have a passion for showing others the massive benefits and attractive nature of leading a sober life. That attractiveness aided in my ability to maintain and thrive in sobriety.

Beyond the Brand:

  • Personal Interests: Beach Volleyball, Fitness, Hiking, Camping, Cooking/Baking,  Food, Farming/Ranching, Sailing, Wakesurfing, 
  • Fun Fact: When I was 20 I moved to the mountains of Colorado and lived in a tent in the woods for 4 months, soul searching and trying to find out who I was and what I wanted out of this life. It wasn’t an easy journey but I learned a lot about myself and a minimalist lifestyle. 


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