Joseph Heaphy - Founder - Pink7

Joseph Heaphy - Founder

Joseph Heaphy

Title: Founder


  • Education: The Pennsylvania State University – Schreyer Honors College 
  • Professional Experience: Investment Banking, Private Equity 
  • Specializations: Finance & Fun 

Personal Philosophy:

Start with an Attitude of Gratitude, Love the Process, and Just Do It… Sober.

Why Sober Lifestyle/Industry:

Sobriety has given me a starting line for the coolest journey imaginable.  I don’t know much - but I can’t wait to see what lies ahead, what I can do, who I can help and all the places we will go! I’m truly grateful for the sober lifestyle and the love and esteem that comes with it. Sobriety has unlocked my mind, body and spirit. LFG! 

Beyond the Brand:

  • Personal Interests: Ironmans, Beach Volleyball, Running, Hot Yoga, Surfing, Golfing, Pickleball, Ice Hockey, Reading, Learning, Talking to God 
  • Volunteering and Community Engagement: The Phoenix, FSHNC, iMentor
  • Fun Fact: Told a Joke on David Letterman (“The Late Show”) at 4yo


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