Pink7 Events

Join us at Pink7 for unique and empowering events that embody our ethos of sobriety as a lifestyle choice. Our events page showcases a variety of gatherings from sober athletic events, sober retreats, sober community meetups and sober parties, all designed to support and expand the sober curious community. Each event is a celebration of sobriety, offering a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for everyone, whether you’re fully sober or exploring a sober curious life. All are welcome.

Weekly Events


Pilates | Cardiff | 5:30-6:30pm


Coastal Run Club | Rancho Coastal Human Society Thrift Shop - Cardiff | 6pm


Meditation | Powerhouse Park | 5:30-6:30pm


Coastal Run Club & Coffee Coffee | Besta Wan Pizza - Cardiff | 6:30am

Happy Hour Social Club | Tamarack Beach, Tower 37 | 3-6pm


Pickleball | Bobby Riggs | 12-2pm


Recovery Volleyball | Moonlight Beach - Encinitas | 12pm - 5pm

You pick the day

Basecamp Fitness Encinitas | *M-F one free class, email for details

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